Frequently asked questions

Should I set switches to "On" or "Off" to block telemetry?
"On" means "Telemetry setting is ON", "Off" means "Telemetry setting is OFF". For more info check the descriptions by pressing "?" icons.
After applying all the settings, something stopped working. What should I do?
Do not use Advanced Settings without knowing the purpose of each button, read descriptions. Click the Default button and reboot.
How to understand that the program works correctly?
Every switch in WPD reflects to original places in gpedit.msc, services.msc, taskschd.msc, wf.msc.
I uninstalled the program from the Windows Store. Now I want to restore it.
Reinstall it from the Windows Store. Or use PowerShell and Google.
I deleted the Windows Store, PowerShell does not help. How can I restore it?
Use the instruction from this link.
My microphone stopped working. What should I do?
Open Advanced Settings, turn on Let Windows apps access the microphone.
I disabled everything in WPD and now "Night Light" doesn't work. How can I fix that?
Enable Devices Platform User Service and restart your PC.
Windows 10 keeps switching on the WAP Service. Can you fix that?
We're not locking services. It works the same way, if you manually disable it and switch Startup Type to "Disabled" in services.msc. Something is switching it back. Maybe it's some other service or third-party app. So here is a workaround:
  1. Create a text file and name it something.vbs
  2. Put this inside Dim WinScriptHost Set WinScriptHost = CreateObject("WScript.Shell") WinScriptHost.Run Chr(34) & "C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe" & Chr(34) & " /c sc stop dmwappushservice & sc config dmwappushservice start= disabled", 0 Set WinScriptHost = Nothing
  3. Create a new task in taskschd.msc to run this script

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