Frequently Asked Questions

The thing is that Windows SmartScreen might consider every program without a code signing certificate suspicious and that certificate is an expensive thing. WPD is free so we will get the certificate when we are able to do so (near future) or when we collect enough donation. So right now just ignore it and click “Run anyway”.
Sure! If you don’t use OneDrive and Cortana.
On Privacy tab click “Default” button, on firewall tab delete rules that you applied. Or use -default argument.
We are planning to release a new version on the second Tuesday of every month.
From the repository @crazy-max, you should go and thank him :)
Usually within an hour. We are still working on the backend part, so there may be some minor delays.
Insider builds change constantly, and we don't have an opportunity to test how WPD works in each of them. Moreover, if you are concerned about your privacy it's better to avoid insider builds, they collect and forward much more data than the final Windows 10 version.